Rivers International School Arnhem

Part of the Dutch International Schools Group

Our motto is:
Explore your worlds

Rivers International School Arnhem
Totaal aantal leerlingen: 190
Gemiddeld aantal per klas: 18-19


About the School

The Primary Department welcomes children of all nationalities into its safe and friendly environment. As part of a Dutch schoolcommunity the children have direct contact with Dutch culture and customs, while still being educated in English.

Close cooperation with parents and teachers results in individually adapted programmes to foster the best educational development of each child. The International Department has 11 groups with an average class size of approximately 18 children following the English National Curriculum. This Curriculum is a proven well established and bench marked curriculum. We also provide an excellent education in Dutch language and culture.

The partnership between home and school plays a vital role in the learning process and we actively encourage parents and carers to visit the school regularly to facilitate this relationship.

Entry requirements 

Rivers International School Arnhem is officially recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, which contributes funds to the school. As a so-called Dutch International School its main purpose is to serve international knowledge workers living temporarily in the Netherlands and to support returning Dutch expats in transitioning back into the Netherlands. For more information see: https://www.arnheminternationalschool.nl/files/rivers-admission-policy-october-2019.pdf


Admission to Dutch International Schools is regulated under the Regulation on International Oriented Primary/Secondary Schools 2010 (IGPO/IGVO regeling 2010), under Primary Schools Act (Wet Primair Onderwijs, article 40, paragraph 5), and under the Dutch Compulsory Education Law (Leerplichtwet 1969).

Curriculum Primary School

At Rivers we offer a balanced curriculum based on the spine of British National Curriculum. The British curriculum is quite a portable one and can be adapted to reflect the international mix of our students. It is sufficiently flexible to meet the individual needs of each child in order to encourage and develop their personal qualities.

The core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught at the appropriate level so that the children can progress at a pace most suitable to their individual abilities. Dutch lessons are offered as part of the curriculum and extra English lessons are available, if necessary, to children for whom English is not their first language.

Other core subjects such as Science, Design and Technology, Geography, History and creative work are enhanced and embedded through Topic Work, allowing learning to be seen as interdisciplinary. Each class studies one major topic per term enabling pupils to experience all curriculum areas during the year.

First-hand international experiences of pupils are used to enrich appropriate subjects such as Geography and History. The curriculum is also enriched through our attitude to our learning strategies, outdoor educational experiences, extra-curricular activities and Wellbeing units of work. The aim is to develop the whole child in becoming a lifelong learner.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum targets different areas of learning based on Continuous Provision (CP). Our Early Years Curriculum ensures a smooth transition to Y 1. Reading and writing are introduced at the appropriate stage for each child.